Protection Services Malta

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Protection Services Malta Offers professional close protection officers, high value principle Bodyguards, security drivers, and celebrity close protection teams. We also offer Armed Security Detail.  In this day and age the close protection officer had to adapt to the demanding nature of this job and on top of the intelligence had to develop physical security Skills.  At protection Services Malta we offer all those qualities in our operatives. 

Our close protection officers have extensive knowledge of threat and risk assessment, asset ranking, physical security, electronic security systems, planning of security details and physical protective duties.  At Protection Services Malta We believe that the safety of our principle will not be attained by using a heavy handed approach or attract unnecessary attention.

With Our Close Protection Officers Service we offer a safe stay to individuals, groups or VIP'S. We also protect the privacy of all our clients in doing so we provide a safe and private environment for all our clients.

At protection services Malta the planning stage is the most important stage, our Close Protection officers carefully prepare multiple plans for different scenarios and clients. All routes and alternative routes will be planned and observed before being used for the actual mission.

Protection services Malta, close protection officers and protection details will stand out from the rest because of their professional attitude, attention to detail and consistency.

During their stay clients will often leave their residence. At Protection Services Malta we offer professional Residential Security that can be vital for any close protection Mission.

Depending on the client’s need we will find a cost effective solution to expose, counter and solve any weaknesses in their security protocols. By means of detailed surveys and risk / threat assessment we will be in a position to make the necessary recommendations to rectify any security issues, thus making sure that the client and his assets are kept safe at all time.

The assessments are conducted by experienced security consultants over a period of time, we will do checks and tests and in some extreme cases on client’s request we may insert an undercover operator to work within the client’s team so we will obtain an objective analysis, free from bias or interference.

All Protection Services Close Protection Officers are very professional and highly trained most of our operatives come from Military or Police background.  For further information please contact us.

Please contact us for any armed protective details in Malta. We are trying to get the permission for certain exceptions after the introduction of LN 361 of 2015. If our request is granted we will in a position to offer these services.                                                                                                                                                       

VIP Protection with Juventus player Del Piero
Close Protection Detail with Javier Zanetti and Mrs Zanetti at PTR